International Speaker


Paul Carbis is acclaimed as one of the world’s leading presenters in the area of salon business management. He has written for several international beauty magazines and, as an experienced consultant with a distinguished educational background, Paul always provides high impact, motivational learning experiences whenever he speaks. His unique understanding of the beauty industry is guaranteed to send you home with ideas you can implement immediately. 

Paul’s entertaining style and practical advice make him a highly sought after speaker at corporate functions, International Beauty Conferences, educational institutions and staff training seminars. 

Paul is considered an icon in the beauty industry. Acclaimed worldwide for his seminars in salon and spa management at virtually all of the industry’s major expos such as, the London Beauty Expo, Manchester GMEX, Sydney International Beauty Expo, Melbourne Beauty Expo, Las Vegas & Hong Kong Cosmoprof, Orlando Beauty Expo, Auckland Beauty Expo. CBM has also been heavily involved with organisation of, as well as presenting at, the Symposium of Skin Australia and New Zealand, Lipstick in Your Briefcase Conference Wellington, Beauty Auckland Conference and Yours in Beauty Conference in Queenstown, 2021. Paul is also an accomplished writer for more than a dozen international magazines, consultant with over 20 years of assisting some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading salons, product and equipment trainer for a number of suppliers, salon owner and manager of a number of award winning salons…he literally has done it all.

Paul has an educational background so his training whether to thousands or a small team is extremely professional and always highly entertaining. His knowledge of the industry, latest trends, advanced equipment, product ingredients, skin biology and how to build a successful salon is a wonderful mix of experience, years of industry specific training and an extensive business background. Rarely do you meet someone who can literally meet all your salon’s needs like Paul does. 

Paul is regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts in both the beauty and aesthetic medicine industries. With a career that has spanned over 25 years and taken him quite literally around the world many times, he has been a sought after speaker and educator in a variety of beauty related fields. Uniquely Paul has graced the stages of some of the biggest beauty events around the globe, has worked as an educator and formulator for numerous product brands and equipment suppliers, has owned a number of national award winning salons in both Australia and New Zealand and is a highly qualified therapist who still works in salons today. These days Paul splits his time between lecturing in advanced treatment modalities, skin physiology and product ingredient formulations, with mentoring as a business coach to a number of salons in Australia and New Zealand, and of course staying hands on by offering advanced services such as serious peels, dermal needling, laser and IPL, LED light therapies and scar revision to specialized clinics throughout the country. 

Paul’s immense experience and intimate knowledge of the industry provides an insightful perspective on both the local and international scene and is why he is in such high demand as a speaker, educator, coach and practitioner.”

In an era that is seeing dramatic changes to how our industry works almost on a monthly basis, staying afresh of the latest trends is vital in the quest to stay relevant. What was current a few years ago, today is seen as outdated and old. New facts about ingredients and how the skin functions have meant changes to our procedures. New equipment and technology has meant re-education for many therapists and for those contemplating owning a salon, running a successful clinic is big business in a very competitive market these days. Whilst this is exciting and challenging it means that today’s therapist needs to be versatile, have a commitment to further education and a passion for providing their customers with the very latest in home care and in-salon treatments.

Customer Testimonials

Many years ago I was sitting in a seminar at the Beauty Expo, listening to a very confident, funny and well spoken speaker…. ‘thinking’ what does a man know about the beauty industry? Well he had me captivated from the start! Every word rang true, almost like he was speaking about my own business! 

He offered mentoring then, but I thought I can’t afford it, and why would this clever person want to mentor a small salon in Nelson? A few years later I met him again at another industry event, when I thought enough is enough! I NEED a mentor, I NEEDED Paul! From that moment I felt a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, finally I had advice, a strategy and a plan to guide me. Our services grew, our retail doubled, KPI’s were being measured, client’s were having multi treatments. And most of all I could finally pay myself my worth and have a much needed holiday with my family!

Paul changed the way I managed my team, taught me the importance of educating my staff, improved the salon marketing, all this to become an award winning salon! 

Thanks Paul for being a great support, coaching me over the years and sharing your own experiences and knowledge. I’m forever grateful.