Advanced Dermal Therapist


He certainly doesn’t look like a typical therapist, he doesn’t really speak like a therapist, but he really knows how to fix skin.

“Paul Carbis is one of New Zealand’s most respected therapists with his specialty area in the salon being problematic skin conditions and scar revision. Paul is an expert at analyzing difficult skin conditions and creating a plan of in-salon treatments and home care that will achieve results you didn’t think possible. We have so many testimonials from thrilled patients that Paul and our team have treated for acne, scarring, pigmentation, environmental redness, rosacea and red veins” – House of Beauty Medi Spa

Paul is highly sought after for his work in scar revision all over the country. He has developed methods for reducing and even eliminating scars for the face and body whether from injuries, post operative, pitting and pock marks, burns or stretch marks. Using a combination of skin needling techniques with specific homecare the results can be life changing.

Take this opportunity to discuss what can be done for your skin. When you have been everywhere, tried everything and can’t get results Paul will give you straight forward answers in plain, easy to understand language that will change the way you see your skin forever.

Customer Testimonial

We can not thank Paul and the team at House of Beauty enough for the amazing results to our son, Liam’s facial acne. For years he has tried antibiotics and then onto the hardcore acne drugs from a skin specialist. These just didn’t work and his skin continued to erupt in pustular spots which left terrible scarring. With Paul’s treatments the acne was managed/ controlled and Paul used needling to remove the pitted scars on Liam’s face. He now looks like a different person and is much more confident in himself not to mention he is no longer taking the hard core acne medication!!!

Thank you Paul, you have made a huge difference and we really appreciate your care and expertise to remedy the scarring.

Kindest Regards,

Julia and Liam